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We are getting started now. The first operator for the whole day will be DL2YAK (OM Uwe), one of the Presidents of the GEO-DX Group, located in JO33RH. He will start @ 04:00 UTC on 40m in CW and afterwards moving up to SSB. For that reason that we cannot say exactly the frequencies it is recommended to check also the cluster. We are not doing self-spotting. It's your turn to spot us in the cluster. THANKS. During a QSO don't hesitate to ask the active OP for the GEO Member #. We are still working on an appropriate award for contacts with our head members and hopefully we are done by Friday.
GEO #001 = DL1XW (President)
GEO # 002 = DL2YAK (President)
GEO #012 = DL4ZBB (regular member and /p OP)

To make it easier for you if you are collecting DOK's:
DL0GEO:   Special DOK: GEO20
DL2YAK:  DOK: L03 + Z31
DL1XW:  DOK: L03

Note: If you are requesting a QSL-Card for DOK Z31 please send ONLY direct to DL2YAK (SASE or appropriate postage cover). DOK L03 please via the bureau.

01. July 2017

Frequencies/Bands & Modes:
04:00 UTC: CW ==> around 7007 +/- (starting here !!)
xx:xx UTC: SSB ==> around 7147 +/- depends on the CW traffic

later on 20m SSB and CW

Active OP's:
DL2YAK (starting OP)

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