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Old school Heavy Metal

Germany (Koblenz) 2001

Preacher (vocals, guitar)
MU (bass)
Hendrik Beerkiller (drums)

Steelpreacher was founded in 2001 by Preacher after splitting-up his old band called “Claymore”. Preacher wanted to play raw old school heavy metal in the vein of Motörhead, WASP, Saxon, AC/DC and ACCEPT. No keyboards, no kiddie-melodies, just spikes, leather, beer and HEAVY METAL.

What has started as a idea for a solo-project, soon became a real band when MU (ex- “Claymore”) and a few weeks later Hendrik Beerkiller (ex- “Thorns of Sephiroth”) joined the “band”.

The song writing began immediately. All the songs were written for 2 guitars, even though there was no 2nd guitarist found yet. After only 9 months as a band, the recording of the first album “Route 666” began in a rehearsal-room. Even though it´s poor sound, the album made a huge impact in the underground scene.

After the recording of “Route 666” the band began to realize that the manning of the band seemed to be perfect as a trio and the band started to develop it´s own unique sound. The songs became much rawer, also stronger hard rock and epic influences can be heared as well.

In 2004 the band recorded their 2nd album called “Start raising hell” which meant a quantum leap in the bands sound, song writing and cover artwork. This album finally made Steelpreacher a known name in the underground.
On festivals like “Thrash till Death”, “Metal Cruise”, “X-Mas Metal Meeting”, Ultima Ratio”, “Kutten4ever” and the “Summernight Open Air” the band made it self a name as a true Hellraiser, playing together with bands like Sodom, Wizard, Stormwarrior, Piledriver, Gun Barrel and Desaster.

In May 2008 the bands 3rd album called “Drinking with the devil” has been released. Beside 10 tracks, the album contains the first videos of the band “Hell bent for beer” as well as a Making of.


 Name: Preacher

Instrument: vocals, guitar


Favorite Bands:
AC/DC, Iron Maiden, (early) Stormwitch, Metalucifer, W.A.S.P., (early) Running Wild, Bathory, Desaster, Gehennah (Swe), Tankard, Witchtrap (Col), Sodom, Saxon, Motörhead, (early) Blind Guardian, Exodus (with Paul Baloff), Exumer, Uriah Heep, (early) Manowar, Bewitched, Grim Reaper, Rainbow, Twisted sister, Thor, DIO, Accept, Girls School, Grave Digger, Piledriver, Venom, Omen, Destruction, Spinal Tap, Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Celtic Frost, Metal Inquisitor, and list goes on... most NwobHM and old Black/Thrash stuff!

Favorite movies:
Lord of the rings,Toxic Avenger 1 & 4, Star Wars, Ready to Rumble, The big Lebowski, Airheads, Dracula (with Bela Lugosi), The Mummy, Ed Wood, Pulp Fiction, Plan 9 from outer space, Fighting killer, Bad Taste, Men in tights, Wag the dog, The butterfly effect, Wo ist Fred?

Bitburger Beer, Fast Food, Pizza, Noodels, Chilie, and chinese food.

Hobby / other activities:
METAL with all it´s clichés, my girlfriend, Fitnesstraining , Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Scrubs, WWE, bad movies, our guinea pigs of darkness and evil.

Preacher hates:
Nu Metal, Hip Hop, Techno, modern clothes and hair styles, christianity, eating-sounds (especially loud slurping and smacking), people that lick their fingers for turning a page, John Cena, phone calls, guys like Joey DeMaio, the Euro, Bill Cosby.


 Name: MU

Instrument: Basszooka

Born: 1982

Favorite bands:
Running Wild, Bathory, Bewitched, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Motörhead, Twisted Sister, DIO, Metalucifer, Desaster, (early) Rage, U.D.O., Saxon, Warlock, Rose Tattoo

Favorite movies:
Lord of the rings, Top Secret, Tromas war,
The Toxic Avenger, Erik the viking, Fighting killer, Ace Ventura, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies, Scrubs, Snatch, The Punisher, You don´t mess with the Zohan, Pulp Fiction, Monthy Python

Bitburger Beer, Whopper, Royal TS, Wiener- Jäger Schnitzel , Rumpsteak, Pizza, Döner and everything that´s slower than himself - and that´s not much...

Other activities:
Beer-Metal-Smashing, Mobbed fahren, Machine ginding, Screw and nose drilling

Mu smashes his bass on:
Feltins ,Warsteiner, Becks , Georg W. Bush, tightness, Joey DeMaio, my car, people that say "I had long hair too back then", and Georg W. Bush again (and again....)


 Name: Hendrik Beerkiller

Instrument: drums, Bitburger 0,3l & 0,5l and his wiener

Born: 1981

Favorite bands:
Running wild, W.A.S.P, Twisted sister, AC/DC, Motörhead, Exciter, Warlock, Dissection, Hendrix, (early) Rage, Desaster, Iron Maiden, Cinderella, Accept, Bewitched.

Favorite movies:
Toxic Avenger 4, Das Experiment , Der König von St. Pauli, Southpark, Fighting killer, Man getting hit by football, Clerks 1 & 2, Corpse Bride.

Bitburger Beer, pizza, noodels, beef, lasagne, am beste alles mit Bradddesoss!

Hobby / other activities:
Futurama, Family Guy, fitness training, riding motorbike, playing Banjo, boozing, getting angry about everything!

The following things make him go berserk:
No beer and all those bastards who don´t drink beer, the smell of bubble-gum, kiddies in Hip-Hop clothes, people that touch me even though we´ve never met before, John Cena, Georg W. Bush, TV, employees of the Telekom, people who drive into the filling station from the wrong direction.

Booking / Info
tel: 0261- 914 550 77