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GEO-DX Group........ QSL Information Service

Direct QSL:
Manager: DL2YAK  ( Address see menu link IMPRESSUM )
For stations in Germany:  SAE + €1 or SASE
For stations within the EU:  SAE + 2 green stamps (2$), alternative €2. !! NO IRC's !!
For all other stations:  SAE + 2 green stamps (2$).  !! NO IRC's !!

QSL's via the bureau:
All incoming QSL cards via the bureau will be answered for sure.
But it takes a little bit of time. Be patient....

DOK-Hunter Note:
If you are requesting a QSL-Card for DOK Z31 (OP DL2YAK only !!!) please send ONLY direct to DL2YAK (SASE or appropriate postage cover). DOK L03 please via the bureau.

If you are requesting a QSL-Card for DOK F35 (OP DL4ZBB only !!!) please send also

ONLY direct to DL4ZBB (SASE or appropriate postage cover). DL0GEO/p via the bureau or direct.

Yes, we do also eqsl. BUT - if you request a card via this service and your call has NOT the AG (Authenticity Guaranteed) I WILL REJECT those requests, because of unusuable for any awards and diplomas.
AND - if you request a QSL via eqsl it is not necessary to request an additional card via the bureau. One appropriate confirmation should be enough.

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